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Introducing Enscape for Mac

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Introducing Enscape for Mac: SketchUp 2021 & 2022

See a detailed demonstration of the new Enscape for Mac which is now available for SketchUp 2021 and 2022 Join us as we walk you through the user interface and show you how to make use of the core features and functionality so you can start experiencing your designs through realtime visualization on Mac You may also be interested in this getting started guide to Enscape for Mac

Speakers: Kaj Burival, Josh Radle

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Virtual Mockups at M Moser: Significantly Improving Communication and Efficiency Across AEC

Watch this webinar on virtual mockups with M Mosers Design Director Charlton Hutton SketchUps Aaron Dietzen and Enscapes Roderick Bates Mockups are a critical part of the building design and delivery process They allow a design team to see key building components exploring ideas through a physical object that can be seen felt assembled and disassembled

Speakers: Charlton Hutton, Roderick Bates, Aaron Dietzen

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The Trends Set to Impact the Future of AEC

Watch this insightful ondemand webinar and learn about the trends that are pointing the way to tomorrows built and virtual environments Join Enscapes Head of Integrated Practice Roderick Bates and John Cays Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at New Jersey Institute of Technology for an informative session that covers top architecture trends including

Speakers: Roderick Bates, John Cays

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Live Stream: Introducing Enscape 3.2

Discover the new features and functionality that are now available with Enscape 32

Speakers: Kaj Burival, Josh Radle

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Welcome to ENVISION 21 - with Enscape CEO Christian Lang

Watch this opening to hear from Enscape CEO Christian Lang Christian will welcome you to our firstever user event in the Enscape Offices in Karlsruhe Germany Dive in learn about Enscapes vision and mission and hear whats in store for the future Were very excited to have you all seeing this PLUS theres a little surprise for all Mac Users see for yourself

Speaker: Christian Lang

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MJM Architects: Designing Architecture with Conceptual Rendering

In this session Joseph Kim from MJM Architects will give an overview of conceptual rendering and how to utilize this technique in the overall design process

Speaker: Joseph Kim

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gmp: Implementation of VR Solutions

In this session Michal Fugger BIM Coordinator and Tom Schülke IT Support and Internal Trainings from gmp will give an overview of the implementation of VR solutions

Speakers: Michal Fugger, Tom Schülke

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Stewart Hicks: An Architectural Journey

Unbuilt buildings present a unique challenge to describe to the public because they often live only in architects drawings which require training to decode This talk with Stewart Hicks Associate Dean of Physical Resources and Planning at the University of Illinois describes how Enscape provides a key tool for translating these drawings into engaging content the public can understand

Speaker: Stewart Hicks

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Overland Partners: From Master Bedrooms to Mountains

Watch this session where Daniel Carpio Director of Technology and the three designers Barbara Warren Anne Elizabeth Stack and Sabrina Ortiz Luna from Overland Partners will be showcasing designing at scale to make informed decisions

Speakers: Daniel Caprio, Barbara Warren, Anne Elizabeth Stack, Sabrina Ortiz Luna

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Scopebox: Why Technology Matters

In this session Oana Bucerzan from Scopebox will show how small architecture offices can benefit from using fully integrated software for realtime rendering virtual reality visualization and animation

Speaker: Oana Bucerzan

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The Hettema Group: Revolutionizing the Theme Park Design Process

In this session Don Carson from The Hettema Group will review projects that use realtime rendering tools like Enscape in a new and nontraditional way as the previsualization tool for designing and presenting theme park attractions

Speaker: Don Carson

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Viewport Studio: Stepping into True Real-Time Rendering and VR Design

In this session Gautier Pelegrin from Viewport Studio will share how Enscape has redefined working in realtime rendering by allowing the user to make visual changes on the spot enabling a new workflow and process for designers while opening the door to a new design method with VR realtime design and cinematic presentation Zoom in and out on large and small projects while keeping attention to details

Speaker: Gautier Pelegrin

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Customer Corner: Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH - with Florian Kohlbecker, Board Member

In this conversation with Roderick Bates Florian Kohlbecker discusses the innovative tools and practices both past and present developed by Kohlbecker

Speakers: Florian Kohlbecker, Roderick Bates

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Chris Turner: Drop That BIM - EMEA / APAC

Youre wondering how Gravity suddenly stopping during shopping Chips and gravy Ginger Vikings Pistol Finger Jamaica Coalition and Purple Rain somehow fit together Well see for yourself and watch this 15 min session of an unique freestyle rap performance of awardwinning British comedian and freestyle rapper Chris Turner plus a few of our ENVISION 21 speakers as guests from the EMEA APAC sessions

Speaker: Chris Turner

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Chris Turner: Drop That BIM - Americas

Youre wondering how relinquish Kids in the model High maintenance clients CAD monkey Flamingo Flamboyance An Animal Run Submarine and WuTang somehow fit together

Speaker: Chris Turner

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Saint-Gobain: GlassPro – A New Rendering Way of Showing the Beauty of Glass

Join Andreas Bittis International Market Manager BU Façade from SaintGobain as he discusses a new rendering way of showing the beauty of glass with GlassPro

Speaker: Andreas Bittis

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Aryan Mirfendereski: Rendering is Like Photography

In this session Aryan Mirfendereski will share aspects of photography that you can use to enhance the quality of your architectural visualizations because one thing is quite clear

Speaker: Aryan Mirfendereski

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ENGRAM Studio: Perception Principles Applied to Architectural Visualization

In this session Paolo Zambrini from Engram will give an overview of image reading in architectural visualization With a long experience in imagemaking and a deep interest in psychology he will share some glimpses of Engrams imagemaking principles which are also at the root of their ImageReading consulting plan for professionals

Speaker: Paolo Zambrini

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Jonathan Reeves Architects: Design and Visualization with Vectorworks and Enscape

In this session Jonathan Reeves UK architect and realtime rendering expert will share how easy it is to upgrade your presentations with Enscape renderings animations and interactive cloud presentations

Speaker: Jonathan Reeves

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skewed: Visualizing the Win

In this session Nathan Hildebrandt from Skewed will share the process he has successfully developed using Archicad and Enscape to provide visualization services to his clients to assist them to communicate their design intent and win more projects

Speaker: Nathan Hildebrandt

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Godwin Austen Johnson: Visions of Built History - with Andrew Milburn

In this session Andrew Milburn from Godwin Austen Johnson will share his story using Revit and Enscape to explore ideas history and ways of building It will describe his work in this area with a focus on splicing realtime rendering into a mixedmedia approach

Speaker: Andrew Milburn

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VR @ GOLDBECK - Improved Customer Experience

Watch Benjamin Stricker Interior Architect and Melina Nowak BIM Manager from Goldbeck in this session as they discuss in which phases of the customer journey they use Enscape and how VR is used at their company

Speakers: Melina Nowak, Benjamin Stricker

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TestFit Inc: Solving a Deal and Building a Vision with TestFit and Enscape

In this session Clifton Harness from TestFit Inc will share how you can solve a deal and build a vision with TestFit and Enscape

Speaker: Clifton Harness

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TiverBuilt: Key to a Confident and Decisive Client & Women in BIM

In this session Lindsay PrichardFox of TiverBuilt will discuss how getting clients involved early on can empower them and streamline the design process She also interviewed Rebecca De Cicco Founder of Women in BIM to talk about BIM and how this ecosystem is changing

Speaker: Lindsay Prichard-Fox

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Voxl.Vision: Managing Large Visualization Projects with Enscape and SketchUp

As projects and offices grow so does the level of complexity for coordination between team members In this session Ted Vitale from VoxlVision will show how to manage large fully interactive interiorexterior project models to leverage content across multiple files users and office teams

Speaker: Ted Vitale

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Architecture Plus Information: Building a Custom Asset Library with Blender

In this fastpaced session Director of Technology Pieter Schiettecatte will discuss the workflow AI used to create a custom asset library of over 800 models You will learn what to look out for when selecting models to turn into assets And see stepbystep how AI uses Blender a free and opensource program to prepare models before turning them into Enscape assets In the end Pieter will show tips and tricks on fixing common issues with downloaded models

Speaker: Pieter Schiettecatte

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LAKE | FLATO ARCHITECTS: Maximize VR Potential

In this session Dan Stine from LakeFlato Architects will showcase how presenting a project in VR to clients using Enscape can be very valuable

Speaker: Dan Stine

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RATIO: Rediscovering the messy design process through remote digital workflow

As weve grown from the early novelty of the shutdown to the weariness of designing on calls all day RATIO has rediscovered the beauty of embracing the messy design process

Speaker: Sarah Causey

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Turner Fleischer Architects Inc.: Our Digital Story Complemented by Enscape

In this session Brent Mauti and Kristian Pal from Turner Fleischer Architects describe how the company has woven Enscape into their project lifecycle workflow

Speakers: Brent Mauti, Kristian Pal

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Customer Corner: Herzog & de Meuron - with Michael Drobnik, Principal BIM

In this wideranging conversation with Enscapes Head of Integrated Practice Roderick Bates Michael Drobnik from Herzog amp de Meuron shares details about the tools methods and design philosophies that drive Herzog amp de Meuron offering valuable insights into the key ingredients for successful architectural projects

Speakers: Michael Drobnik, Roderick Bates

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Enscape's Strategic Outlook - with Petr Mitev, VP Visualization Product Group

In this session Petr Mitev VP of the Visualization Product Group will give you a sneak peek into Enscapes design philosophy as well as whats next for our technology platform and how it will impact our users

Speaker: Petr Mitev

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The Enscape Roadmap - with Joachim Hirsch, Head of Product Management

In this session Joachim Hirsch Enscapes Head of Product Management will give you a look into the Enscape roadmap He will share the features and timelines of the next two releases Enscape 32 and 33 showcase mockups and demos and explain the reasons behind the features chosen to be developed

Speaker: Joachim Hirsch

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The World of Content - with Norbert Gräser, Teamlead Application Engineering

In this session Norbert Gräser will have a look at how Enscape Assets are defined and how you can create and manage optimized content for a realtime environment like Enscape It will include checking out great content resources and talking about ways to optimize assets Revit users get a few tips for creating their own assetsfamilies and a Dynamo script to collect all assets used in a specific project

Speaker: Norbert Graeser

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A Deep Dive into Materials - with Josh Radle, Applications Engineer

In this session Josh Radle will discuss the everevolving technology industry and how the demand for higher quality renderings is growing He will take attendees on a deep dive into what the different types of materials in Enscape are and will also look at what Physically Based Rendering PBR is and why this can help users achieve a highquality rendering

Speaker: Josh Radle

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Nerd out! Ten Things Every User Should Know - with Kaj Burival, Applications Engineer

In this session Kaj Burival will discuss workflows ideas and questions from the Enscape community which was collected weeks prior to the event Get to know 10 things every experienced Enscape user should know

Speaker: Kaj Burival

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Materialize Your Ideas With the New Enscape 3.1

Discover new ways to materialize your ideas as we walk you through the latest features released with Enscape 31

Speakers: Kaj Burival, Josh Radle, Jeffrey Melzer

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Enscape with Revit: 3D Views & Still Image Renderings

Learn how to produce highlevel imagery when working with Enscape and Revit

Speaker: Kaj Burival

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Enscaape 4.0 webinar - Essential workflow

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Enscape Essential Workflow

This session walks you through the key aspects of Enscapes realtime design workflow as well as the latest updates which include new people and animated vegetation assets NVIDIA Denoiser for capture exports UI refinements and raytraced artificial lights beta
Using Enscape and V-Ray for interior design bedroom scene

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The Best of Both Worlds: Combining Enscape and V-Ray for Unmatched Results

As an architect or designer you are well aware that there are occasions when rapid iteration and quick rendering are essential while other instances demand the creation of incredibly realistic images and presentations See how you can enhance your visualization workflow by harnessing the realtime power of Enscape with the photorealism of VRay In this practical webinar you will learn from VRay certified trainer Dan Stone of The Archilime Academy how to

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Introducing Enscape for Mac with Archicad or Vectorworks

An exclusive webinar unveils the latest Enscape for Mac features and functionalities This session is tailored specifically for Archicad or Vectorworks users Discover how Enscape for Mac can revolutionize your design process with its intuitive realtime visualization workflow and seamless integration with your design application Realtime workflow Get highquality rendered 3D walkthroughs instantly Singlesourceoftruth Any changes made in either the design application or the renderer are synced on both sides so you dont have to coordinate separate projects Ease of use Intuitive UI for hasslefree setups Faster and more effective feedback cycles Visualize as you design Better customer experience Help your clients understand your design intent with easytonavigate exports
Visualize as you design with Enscape
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