RATIO: Rediscovering the messy design process through remote digital workflow

As we’ve grown from the early novelty of the shutdown to the weariness of designing on calls all day, RATIO has rediscovered the beauty of embracing the messy design process.

Using Enscape alongside a variety of tools, Sarah Causey, Director of Design Technology / Senior Associate at RATIO, and her team have found ways to effectively design remotely, focus their worn attention spans, and set expectations with their clients. What once was a tool used to produce polished visualizations, is now the medium for inviting the client into the very real, very beautiful design process.

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What to Expect

  • Client Communication

    Set visualization expectations with your clients and invite them into your design process.

  • Focus on Worn Attention Spans

    See how RATIO shift back to help the client embrace the messy design process and how Enscape helps with focusing on single design discussions.

  • Design Remotely

    During the pandemic face-to-face meetings weren't possible anymore. Hear about techniques that RATIO used Enscape for to focus and drive the design conversation.


  • Sarah Causey

    Director of Design Technology / Senior Associate  •  RATIO