MJM Architects: Designing Architecture with Conceptual Rendering

MJM Architects: Designing Architecture with Conceptual Rendering

In this session, Joseph Kim from MJM Architects will give an overview of conceptual rendering and how to utilize this technique in the overall design process.

Conceptual Rendering can help produce simple but effective renderings to test and communicate your design ideas with the stakeholders. Use some tips and tricks from this session to streamline your design process and make the design discussions easy and painless.
Demonstrate the concept, materiality, and form of your design. Then, discuss, change, and adapt with Conceptual Rendering.

ENVISION 21 Session

Key Learnings


Understand the benefits of the Conceptual Rendering.


Learn the techniques to produce the Conceptual Rendering.


Apply the visual styles and methods to the design process.
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Joseph Kim

Project Manager
MJM Architects

ENVISION 21 Session

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