Stewart Hicks: An Architectural Journey

Unbuilt buildings present a unique challenge to describe to the public because they often live only in architects’ drawings which require training to decode. This talk with Stewart Hicks, Associate Dean of Physical Resources and Planning at the University of Illinois, describes how Enscape provides a key tool for translating these drawings into engaging content the public can understand.

To this end, Enscape provides the platform for creating scripted animations, live walkthroughs, and explorable files for a popular video series on YouTube and ArchDaily called LOST.

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What to Expect

  • Introduction to "Architecture w/ Stewart"

    A brief description of how and why the YouTube channel "Architecture w/ Stewart" about architectural design and the series "LOST" began..

  • Impact of Enscape

    How Enscape is central to the evolution of the series..

  • Preview

    A preview of a recent episode featuring Adolf Loos’ house design for Josephine Baker..


  • Stewart Hicks

    Associate Dean of Physical Resources and Planning  •  University of Illinois