Viewport Studio: Stepping into True Real-Time Rendering and VR Design

In this session, Gautier Pelegrin from Viewport Studio will share how Enscape has redefined working in real-time rendering by allowing the user to make visual changes on the spot, enabling a new workflow and process for designers, while opening the door to a new design method with VR real-time design and cinematic presentation. Zoom in and out on large and small projects while keeping attention to details.

Projects showcased: Virgin Galactic - Amaya residence - Essential furniture range

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What to Expect

  • Techniques

    Designing in true real-time and VR perception..

  • Workflow Tips & Tricks

    See how to zoom from street layout to furniture detail..

  • Client Communication

    The advancement of video for a client's presentation..


  • Gautier Pelegrin

    Director  •  Viewport Studio