The Hettema Group: Revolutionizing the Theme Park Design Process

In this session, Don Carson from The Hettema Group will review projects that use real-time rendering tools like Enscape in a new and non-traditional way -  as the previsualization tool for designing and presenting theme park attractions.

With his start at Walt Disney Imagineering working on guiding the design of Disney attractions, Don has often been asked on how to communicate the design concept to the finished product in theme parks.

Learn how The Hettema Group uses Enscape to communicate those concepts to the ones who ultimately build it, and how the implementation of Enscape in their design workflow lead to a change of how they work.

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What to Expect

  • Benefits of Enscape

    The advantages of using Enscape as a design and communication tool in an unconventional way - the design of theme park attractions..

  • From Physical to Digital

    After creating a physical model, Don scanned and re-created it into SketchUp. By adding Enscape, he brought a camera into the rendering to optimize timings and the full experience of the theme park ride..

  • Enscape Changing The Design Workflow

    Learn how Enscape has changed the way The Hettema Group works and how VR is an important part of their client communication..


  • Don Carson

    Sr. Art Director  •  The Hettema Group