Voxl.Vision: Managing Large Visualization Projects with Enscape and SketchUp

As projects and offices grow, so does the level of complexity for coordination between team members. In this session, Ted Vitale from Voxl.Vision will show how to manage large, fully interactive interior/exterior project models to leverage content across multiple files, users, and office teams.

The presentation will tackle managing unruly models that take a long time to export and how to break them up into bite-sized elements that are more easily worked on and are readily available for multiple users to contribute to a master model. While this workflow is applicable to any individual user, this training assumes that all users are on a shared Windows network and have access to shared network files.

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What to Expect

  • X-Refed Component Models

    Understanding when and how to generate x-refed component models..

  • Shareable Component Elements

    Organizing hierarchy and splitting models into sharable component elements..

  • Generating & Recombining Models

    Generating model parts that are easily distributed across teams and recombining those assets in a master file for visualization..


  • Ted Vitale

    Owner | Founder  •  Voxl.Vision

    Ted Vitale is an architectural design visualization specialist and the founder of Voxl.Vision. He is based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.