Customer Corner: Herzog & de Meuron - with Michael Drobnik, Principal BIM

In this wide-ranging conversation with Enscape's Head of Integrated Practice, Roderick Bates, Michael Drobnik from Herzog & de Meuron shares details about the tools, methods, and design philosophies that drive Herzog & de Meuron, offering valuable insights into the key ingredients for successful architectural projects.

The remarkable projects of Herzog & de Meuron don’t happen by accident, rather they are the product of a well-structured design process that, among other factors, utilizes a variety of tools that enable effective collaboration.

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What to Expect

  • The Two Streams of Visualization

    Exploration of the two streams of visualization - reliable / fast and crafted images.

  • Thoughts on AR vs. VR

    Hear the thoughts of Michael Drobnik on AR and VR, and why Herzog & de Meuron prefer AR.

  • Enscape Within The Design Workflow

    The Enscape workflow in design and the benefits of rapid iteration for getting just the right image in a crit style review.


  • Michael Drobnik

    Principal BIM  •  Herzog & de Meuron Basel Ltd.

  • Roderick Bates

    Head of Integrated Practice  •  Enscape

    Throughout his career, Roderick has sought out and developed solutions to environmental challenges related to the design, construction, and operations of buildings. As the Head of Integrated Practice at Enscape, he is responsible for researching industry and market trends which are shaping the way Enscape customers work.