Chris Turner: Drop That BIM - Americas

You're wondering how "relinquish", "Kids in the model", "High maintenance clients", "CAD monkey", "Flamingo Flamboyance", "An Animal Run Submarine" and "Wu-Tang" somehow fit together?

Well... see for yourself and watch this session of an unique freestyle rap performance of award-winning British comedian and freestyle rapper, Chris Turner - plus a few of our ENVISION 21 speakers as guests from the America sessions. 

Have fun!

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Reaction of People Watching The Session

  • "Please tell me I can access this later - this is amazing.".

  • "Nailed it!".

  • "Oh my goodness!!!!".

  • "Super Cool! Very talented 😃".

  • "what just happened?!?!".

  • "😂😂😂 Fantastic!".

  • "ok that was grat! Need that later in the day".

  • "Nice! This is so awesome, Chris you are so talented! Thanks for sharing your gift".


  • Chris Turner

    Award-Winning Comedian, Freestyle Rapper