Godwin Austen Johnson: Visions of Built History - with Andrew Milburn

In this session, Andrew Milburn from Godwin Austen Johnson will share his story using Revit and Enscape to explore ideas, history, and ways of building. It will describe his work in this area, with a focus on splicing real-time rendering into a mixed-media approach.

"I have been obsessed with buildings for more than 50 years. Drawing has always been a major pathway to understanding, a way of exploring ideas, and testing hypotheses. Rapid sketching catches the immediacy and spontaneity of mental activity. How can we apply this idea to BIM and to studying the diversity of our built history?"

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What to Expect

  • Broader view of BIM

    Learn to take a broader view of BIM than the conventional "day job" perspective.

  • Value of rapid post-processing

    Appreciate the value of rapid post-processing for real-time rendered images.

  • Output Types

    Integrate a range of output types to tell moving stories about the way we build.


  • Andrew Milburn

    Associate  •  Godwin Austen Johnson