Turner Fleischer Architects Inc.: Our Digital Story Complemented by Enscape

In this session, Brent Mauti and Kristian Pal from Turner Fleischer Architects describe how the company has woven Enscape into their project lifecycle workflow.

The power of visualization has enabled extended design teams to experience the project and become immersed within it at any stage. The value brought forth by Enscape has helped to shape our learning agenda as well as our engagement within the industry at large.

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What to Expect

  • Understanding the Design Process

    Understand how visualization / immersive experiences are woven into the design process.

  • Workflow Insights

    Understand the potential impact of Enscape's technological advancements impact our studio's development.

  • Communication is Key

    Appreciate the evolution of communication impacted within our digital age.


  • Brent Mauti

    Chief Technology Officer  •  Turner Fleischer Architects Inc.

  • Kristian Pal

    Digital Practice Lead  •  Turner Fleischer Architects Inc.