LAKE | FLATO ARCHITECTS: Maximize VR Potential

LAKE | FLATO ARCHITECTS: Maximize VR Potential

In this session, Dan Stine from Lake|Flato Architects will showcase how presenting a project in VR to clients using Enscape can be very valuable.

It will cover how to maximize VR potential, including tips for delivering a VR experience remotely (at the client’s location) to options for untethered HMDs. Also, valuable tips on how to guide the presentation and even make changes to the design while the client remains in the HMD will be covered.

The session will also touch on recent advancements in this area, such as NVIDA’s CloudXR technology (supported full VR over the internet or 5G) and Enscape’s support for NVIDIA DLSS.

ENVISION 21 Session

What to Expect

Step by Step

Understanding important steps to prepare for a successful VR presentation.

Tips & Tricks

Learn how to guide the client through the model in VR.

Enscape and NVIDIA

Know about recent developments in VR by Enscape and NVIDIA.
Vectorworks 22 Support



Dan Stine

Director of Design Technology

ENVISION 21 Session

Empower your design workflow with Enscape!