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Gemma Da Silva

Gemma Da Silva

Last updated: May 17, 2023  •  4 min read

Materialize Your Ideas: Enscape 3.1

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Enscape 3.1 makes it even simpler to design and create beautiful renderings and visualization experiences.

With this version of Enscape, users of all abilities can bring their designs closer to reality thanks to a new Material Library, an improved Material Editor, support for NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) Support, a Panorama Gallery, simplified assets, ray-traced sun shadows, and other great new features and enhancements.

Download Enscape 3.1 if you’re an existing user, and if you’re not yet using Enscape, try it for free!


Materialize Your Ideas With Enscape 3.1

NEW: Material Library

A simple way to improve the realism of your projects is to use the right materials. With Enscape’s new Material Library, you can choose from predefined high-quality materials that are ready to use within your projects. Over 200 materials have been created to get you started and additional materials will be added to the library with future releases.

Materials such as wood, fabric, brick, and tile can be found in the new Material Library. These materials can also be imported into the Material Editor, where you can edit various elements to get the look and feel you need.

This new feature will save you time searching for and creating high-end rendering materials and makes it easy to improve the quality of your renders with very little effort.

UI_MaterialLibrary_Wood copy

NEW: Material Editor Overhaul

The Enscape 3.1 Material Editor comes with not only a new interface but also new features and improved functionality.

Now it’s quicker and easier to identify materials with a color and material type indicator in the material list. There is also a new self-illuminated material type, new icons, controls, and map tabs for improved usability.

Additionally, you can import and export material packages from within the Material Editor. This is particularly useful for individuals and teams who want to access certain pre-prepared materials from other projects.

UI_MaterialEditor_Grass copy

NEW: Support for NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling)

Enscape 3.1 comes with NVIDIA DLSS technology, which automatically improves performance. The deep learning-based upscaling technique renders internally at a lower resolution but outputs a clean and sharp high-resolution image for both high-quality videos and high-performance virtual reality walkthroughs.

With NVIDIA DLSS enabled, video rendering time decreases, and quality increases. You can enjoy improved real-time performance of walkthroughs and higher frame rates with much lower GPU requirements. This latest technology is available to users with an NVIDIA RTX graphics card.

With Enscape and NVIDIA DLSS, take advantage of the latest generation of high-res VR headsets and enjoy higher quality virtual reality experiences.

Read more about NVIDIA DLSS and Enscape and join our webinar on September 9:


NEW: Panorama Gallery

360-degree panoramas created from within Enscape are a popular way to showcase a design. They allow clients to independently navigate their way around a project from a web link or even a QR code.

To take this functionality one step further, we have introduced a Panorama Gallery – which is one of the most requested features from Enscape users.

With the new Panorama Gallery, you can group and share multiple panoramas at the same time - perfect for showcasing multiple rooms or to compare different variants of a design. This can be managed via the Uploads section of the Enscape License Center and allows consumers to access more than one panorama at a time via the web browser.


NEW: Material Editor for Revit

To help improve the Revit and Enscape material workflow, we have introduced a basic Material Editor for Revit.

This editor will support the ‘General’ material type, allowing you to apply video textures, self-illuminating materials, and displacement maps within Enscape itself. No more workarounds required!

This is just the first phase of the Revit Material Editor project. We are now working on providing better accessibility for future Material Editor features in Revit – so watch this space.

NEW: Simplified Assets

We have an exciting Enscape Asset Library update for you - we have launched a range of simplified assets that are low poly and come with a simple, white appearance.

These assets are ideal for use in early design phases to give clients and colleagues an idea of your vision without distracting them from the core elements of your design. They provide the perfect placeholders to give context, but without any complexity or specificity.

Within this initial batch of simplified assets are people, buildings, vegetation, furniture, and vehicles.

SimplifiedAssets_03_FINAL copy

NEW: Ray-Traced Sun Shadows

NVIDIA RTX ray-tracing technology has been part of Enscape since 2019 version 2.6.1. It provides users with fast and accurate lighting and reflection calculations.

And now, with Enscape 3.1, you can enjoy even higher-quality renderings and realism with new ray-traced sun shadows.

Sharper and more accurate shadows will enhance the quality of your renders and can be enjoyed in any exported image, panorama exports, and rest mode in walkthrough.


See What’s New in Enscape 3.1: Webinar

See the new features in action in our Enscape 3.1 webinar - watch the recording now. In this session, we take you through the core new elements introduced with the latest version of Enscape.

Update Enscape and Get Started Today

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Not yet using Enscape? You can try it for free. We have lots of great tutorials to get you started and a supportive online community. If you’re a student or educator, you can request your Enscape educational license here

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