Working remotely with Enscape and HP Anware
Petr Mitev

Petr Mitev

Published: September 23, 2022  •  2 min read

It’s Time to Create, Innovate, and Visualize From Anywhere

Design takes time, and it’s an iterative process. Creativity can strike at any moment, and Enscape can help designers, architects, and their clients visualize projects as fully-rendered walkthroughs, following every update instantly as changes are made to building models.

Making and communicating changes in real time can be difficult if the designer isn’t in the office with access to the right applications, design files, and computing resources. But chances are, the work environment has changed dramatically over the last couple of years, and the days of being in the office full time are behind us.

As a designer or architect, you’re probably shifting between home, the office, and client sites on a regular basis and you may face issues staying connected to applications and design files. You need a powerful machine with a great GPU, plus enough RAM to run Revit or other BIM applications.

Whether in the office or on the go, the right remote desktop setup is critical for maintaining productivity and security, especially for those leveraging real-time visualization and virtual reality to bring creative designs to life.

Working remotely with Enscape and HP Anyware

Since Enscape merged with Chaos in early 2022, our goal has been to provide the best unified visualization workflow. We’ve given a number of remote desktop software solutions a try and believe Enscape users will benefit from the added security and freedom to work remotely that such technology can provide.

Enscape has participated in HP’s early evaluation program since July, testing everything from licensing to ease of use and user experience. One solution to highlight is HP Anyware*, which helps designers and architects stay connected to the resources they need to stay productive and creative, wherever they want to work.

Secure streaming from host to end-user device

It’s all about having access to a very powerful machine that is safe and secure. HP Anyware leverages the PCoIP® protocol to stream highly interactive desktop displays between virtually any host (cloud, data center, edge, workstation) and end-user device (PC, Mac®, laptop, tablet) without any data ever leaving the safety of your network. As firms and clients become increasingly more sensitive to the need for data security, this is important to consider when evaluating remote desktop options.

HP Anyware is designed with Enscape users in mind, so they can enjoy real-time rendering, crystal clear renders, and seamless interactivity. And your sensitive project data stays secure – only display information in the form of encrypted pixels gets transferred to and from the remote workstation and your local display.

At Enscape, HP Anyware has been tested with Enscape’s IT, Application Engineering, Product Management, and Software Development teams. After a holistic evaluation, I’m confident that HP Anyware is not only a solution for Enscape users’ remote workflows, but will also run our software as intended from a technical standpoint.

Try Enscape and HP Anyware at Autodesk University

Autodesk University is coming up in New Orleans, September 27-29. We hope to meet you there where you can try Enscape (booth AE550) and HP Anyware (booth CON100) in person.

*HP Anyware requires network access. HP Anyware supports Windows®, Linux®, and MacOS® host environments and Window, Linux, MacOS, iOS®, Android®, and Chrome OS® end-user devices. For more on the system requirements for installing HP Anyware, refer to the Admin Guides at: HP Anyware uses the PCoIP® remote display protocol to communicate between the host and end-user device.


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Petr Mitev
Petr Mitev

Petr Mitev is Vice President of the Visualization Product Group at Enscape, with a background in both architecture and web and software development. Outside of work, Petr enjoys the outdoors – hiking, kayaking, traveling, and also amateur photography.