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Gemma Da Silva

Gemma Da Silva

Published: August 12, 2021  •  2 min read

Enscape 3.1: Meet the Team Behind the Product

In case you haven't heard, Enscape 3.1 is out now, with lots of great new features, including a new Material Library, Simplified Assets, and a Panorama Gallery.

Perhaps you've read the blog post and seen the webinar, but now it's time to meet a handful of the team members behind the awesome real-time rendering plugin we call Enscape!

So sit back, and take a moment to watch our four-part Behind the Product video series. Enjoy getting to know a few of the people who help to create Enscape and the new features that are now available with version 3.1. 

Behind the Product Part 1: Support for NVIDIA DLSS

In our first Behind the Product video, meet Enscape’s Rendering Development Team Leader, Clemens. In just three minutes, Clemens explains what NVIDIA DLSS is, how users will benefit from it, and shares a story from behind the scenes of Enscape 3.1.


Behind the Product Part 2: Material Editor 

Next up is User Experience (UX) Designer, Hana. In this video, Hana talks about the Enscape Material Editor, what it is, and why it was updated. She also shares what it's like being a UX Designer during a software release at Enscape.


Behind the Product Part 3: Panorama Gallery

A popular feature request became a reality with Enscape 3.1, with the introduction of a Panorama Gallery. 

Meet Tobias, Product Manager at Enscape. In this video, Tobias introduces the Panorama Gallery, explains how it will help users tell their design story, and tells us which users will benefit from this new feature.


Behind the Product Part 4: Material Library

In our fourth and final video, we hear from the person responsible for the Enscape assets and materials, 3D Artists Team Leader, Adrian.

We hear why the new Material Library was developed, the advantages of using Enscape materials, and what it's like being part of a software release. 


Get Started with Enscape 3.1

If you already have an Enscape license, you can download version Enscape 3.1 for free! Download it here.

And if you're yet to try Enscape for yourself, be sure to take out a free trial so you can start visualizing and sharing your designs in a whole new way.

Try Enscape For Free

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Gemma Da Silva
Gemma Da Silva

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