Aryan Mirfendereski: Rendering is Like Photography

Aryan Mirfendereski: Rendering is Like Photography

In this session, Aryan Mirfendereski will share aspects of photography that you can use to enhance the quality of your architectural visualizations because one thing is quite clear:

„To be able to convey the complexity of thoughts when designing and of perceptions when photographing, it takes more than pure technology. So let’s not necessarily talk about the technology, but rather about the power of the thoughts that you put into a project and the means you have at your disposal to communicate those thoughts.

Let’s talk about the visual language, about the readability of a picture, about the aesthetic effect and its laws. About stylistic means, which you, in turn, can use with the help of your technology to let the viewers of your work actually see what you want them to see.“

ENVISION 21 Session

Key Learnings

Image Creation & Showcases

The eye of the photographer - What makes a good picture? And why are images that we think are good actually good?

Technical Insights

The photographer’s camera and lenses - Technically created stylistic elements.

The Post-Production

The post-production - Nobody eats his good piece of meat RAW!
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Aryan Mirfendereski

Architectural photographer

ENVISION 21 Session

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