Interior Design: How Real-Time Visualization Helps Keep Clients Happy

Client expectations are changing, with many requesting to see realistic and easy-to-understand visuals before construction begins. They want to be an active part of the design process, so experts must be able to show changes on a dime while also ensuring those big ideas are actually possible. 

See how real-time visualization helps bring design inclusivity and validation to the interior design process in this webinar recording.

Ted Vitale of Voxl.Vision, who has worked on many star-studded, multi-million dollar projects, explains and shows the associated benefits that can be enjoyed when real-time visualization is adopted into your workflow.

Discussion points include:

  • Why client expectations are changing
  • How visualization in real time not only helps win the work but also retain it
  • The benefits that come from an inclusive design process

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Webinar Content

What to Expect

  • Client Expectations

    Why client expectations are changing and how you can adapt.

  • Real-Time Visualization

    How real-time visualization helps secure work, retain it, and keep clients happy.

  • Design Inclusivity

    How real-time visualization enables design inclusivity for clients and contractors and improves collaboration between all parties.


  • Ted Vitale

    Owner | Founder  •  Voxl.Vision

    Ted Vitale is an architectural design visualization specialist and the founder of Voxl.Vision. He is based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

  • Monica Nelson

    Researcher  •  Enscape

    Monica is a Researcher at Enscape where she researches the AEC industry, market trends, and workflows that help shape and influence the creation of the built environment. Monica also teaches several foundation level university courses at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She holds an undergraduate degree in Digital Design and a master’s degree in Information Systems.