Deep Dive: Using Custom Assets in Enscape (Americas)

Learn how to add external models to your renderings with custom assets in Enscape.

We’ll show you where to find free 3D models, how to use Blender to prepare assets and import them into your own custom asset library in Enscape, manage your library efficiently using categories, and other handy asset functions.

Available now on-demand. 

Webinar Content

What to Expect

  • Importing Assets

    Learn how to convert models and import them into your own custom asset library.

  • Managing Your Library

    Learn how to manage your custom asset library efficiently.

  • Asset Functionality

    Understand how the custom asset functions work.


  • Kaj Burival

    Senior Application Engineer  •  Enscape

    Based in Germany, Kaj Burival is an Application Engineer at Enscape, where he provides technical support and training. He trained as a 3D artist and is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about gaming and real-time rendering technology. Kaj has a deep knowledge of all things Enscape which he loves to share with our worldwide community of users.