Andreea Lipan

Andreea Lipan

Last updated: January 22, 2024  •  3 min read

Why Enscape is the Perfect Addition to Your Design Workflow in 2024

A new year symbolizes a fresh start, which is why many people make resolutions to enhance their professional and personal lives. New Year's resolutions are great for establishing new habits and creating a sense of motivation and encouragement to achieve your goals.

If you've made a resolution to become an Enscape expert, we've put together 10 things to focus on to help you achieve it by the end of 2024.

1. Minimize redesigns and convince clients faster

Reduce the need for redesigns with Enscape's real-time visualization workflow, allowing you to convince clients faster. Enscape is the only real-time rendering plugin that integrates directly into your 3D model. You can make adjustments while designing and showcase different options in real time during client meetings. This helps ensure your vision aligns with your client's expectations and minimizes the need for extensive redesigns.

2. Update projects instantly with Live Sync and create visualizations on the fly

Commit to faster project updates by incorporating Enscape's bi-directional data exchange with Live Sync. Keep one project as a single source of truth, ensuring that every design change is instantly reflected both in your Enscape visualization and in your CAD/BIM application.

Design faster by synchronizing views, use the Enscape rendering window as an extension of your 3D modeling tool viewport and see your project render instantly.  This not only keeps project data organized but also enhances productivity within your team.



3. Enhance overall design comprehension and spatial understanding with VR

Communicate design intent effortlessly by enhancing overall comprehension and spatial understanding through Enscape's immersive VR experience. Step into your designs with virtual reality and provide stakeholders with a firsthand experience of your vision, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for your work.

4. Make better design decisions and project plans

Empower yourself to make better-informed decisions and streamline project planning with Enscape's insightful visualization modes. Explore your designs in White model, Polystyrene, and Heat map modes to gain valuable insights that will guide your design decisions and project planning.

5. Communicate design aesthetics effortlessly

Simplify your design journey by reducing time and effort in material selection through Enscape's Material Library and Material Editor. Communicate design aesthetics with ease by experimenting with various materials in real time, ensuring a visually stunning and cohesive end result.

6. Unleash creative expression with assets

Unleash your creative potential without extensive modeling by utilizing the Enscape Asset Library. Choose from over 3,000 low-poly models, including a collection of adjustable assets that allow you to change the color or materials of certain assets. 

Enhance realism and efficiency in your designs by easily incorporating high-quality assets into your projects, allowing you to focus on the creative aspect of your designs.



7. Achieve scene realism with atmospheric setups

Make 2024 the year you master visual settings with Enscape and achieve unparalleled scene realism in your projects. Fine-tune atmospheric setups to bring your designs to life, ensuring that every detail contributes to a visually appealing and memorable experience.

8. Customize presentations with versatile output modalities

Harness Enscape's versatile output modalities and tailor design presentations to your liking. Impress clients with real-time walkthroughs, immersive panorama tours, and captivating VR experiences, showcasing your designs in the most engaging and impactful way.

9. Streamline collaborative design with seamless sharing

Smoothen the collaborative design process by sharing your design files through various export options with Enscape's versatile file formats, including .vrscene. Ensure effective communication and feedback by providing stakeholders with easy access to your designs

10. Dream big & design bigger with uploads safe in the clouds

Keep your head in the clouds, as well as your designs, by uploading and sharing web standalone and panoramas directly from the Enscape toolbar. Be proud of your creations and make them accessible to everyone via a simple QR code, allowing you to dream big and design even bigger.



Bring your vision to life

Enscape offers a comprehensive toolkit to help you master your design and visualization skills in 2024. From real-time decision-making to clear design intent communication and tailoring memorable design experiences, Enscape empowers designers to bring their visions to life instantly.

Download the free 14-day trial today and experience how Enscape can transform your design process and elevate your projects to new heights. Cheers to a year of innovative and breathtaking designs!


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Andreea Lipan
Andreea Lipan

Andreea is the Enscape Product Marketing Manager, who focuses on tailoring the right narrative for Enscape functionalities and analyzing customer insights and workflows. With a background in architecture and interior design, her journey into the AEC industry as a university teaching assistant, architect, project coordinator, and freelance visualizer has been rewarding. It was through the process of discovering her passions, especially for VR, real-time rendering technologies, and exploring design challenges, that led her to Chaos to support creating user-friendly features for fellow architects and designers!