Webinar: Using Enscape for 3D Visualization at Turner Fleischer

Turner Fleischer, a large architectural firm based in Canada, understands the importance of testing and harnessing new technologies to help them work efficiently and meet their clients’ needs. Real-time 3D visualization is one of those technologies and has quickly become a crucial part of their design process.

On June 24, we hosted a webinar where we learned why 3D visualization is a fundamental part of the design process at Turner Fleischer. We also showcased Enscape’s real-time visualization tool with a demo introducing the core features and functionality. 

Turner Fleischer Render Webinar-in-post
A Turner Fleischer Enscape rendering

In this webinar we explored:

  • How Enscape enables you to visualize as you design (live demo of core features)
  • How 3D visualization is woven into workflows at Turner Fleischer
  • How Turner Fleischer facilitate Enscape through learning
  • Key benefits Turner Fleischer have enjoyed through embracing 3D visualization

- Brent Mauti, CTO, Turner Fleischer
- Kristian Pal, Lead Specialist, Digital Practice, Turner Fleischer
- Josh Radle, Application Engineer, Enscape

Here's the recording!