Using architectural visualization with clients

Webinar: Maximizing Your Use of Architectural Visualization to Impress Clients

Architectural visualization was once a time-consuming and costly process. But today, thanks to advances in real-time rendering, designers can visualize and experience their projects at any stage of the design process, helping clients to emotionally connect and better understand a future space.

In the webinar recording below, Joseph Kim, Project Manager for MJM Architects, shares his tips to help you maximize your use of Enscape’s real-time rendering and virtual reality tool to better connect and impress your clients.

Learn how to best leverage Enscape throughout the entire design workflow - from the early concept stages of design to the virtual reality presentations; model management best practices that streamline your workflow; how to best utilize model assets to help complement your projects and not detract from them, and lots more! Watch now: 

Render created by Enscape user Jason_Hu


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Building rendered with Enscape 3.2

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