Top 10 Enscape Blog Posts 2023
Ben O'Dwyer

Ben O'Dwyer

Last updated: January 12, 2024  •  4 min read

The Enscape Top 10: Our Most Popular Articles of 2023


Somehow we’re already wrapping up 2023 and planning ahead to 2024. This year has flown!

But before we move into the new year, we can’t help but share with you our most popular blog posts of 2023. These posts were read more than 150,000 times by the Enscape community 🤩.

Free high-quality textures, brand new asset drops, Revit and SketchUp updates, plus the best tips on how to maximize Enscape. This is what mattered most to our valuable customers and fans this year. Let’s take a look at our top posts from 2023, counting down from 10. 👀

10. Combining the Real-Time Rendering of Enscape with the Photorealism of V-Ray

Bedroom scene rendered in Enscape and V-Ray

Enjoy designing with the speed of Enscape and the photorealistic rendering capabilities of V-Ray. Find out how these tools can be used together to improve your workflow and assist you in creating stunning scenes! 😍

After this article was originally written, updates to Enscape and V-Ray have made it possible to export scenes from Enscape and import them into V-Ray, 3ds Max, and Cinema 4D.

9. New Furniture Assets Released: 180+ Render-Ready Models Now Available

Renders of Furniture 3D assets

Enhance your design projects with this collection of over 180 new furniture assets that have been added to the Enscape Asset Library this year. 🛏️ This takes the total number of assets in the library to almost 4,000.

8. Enscape for Mac Available for SketchUp (and now Archicad, Vectorworks, and Rhino!)

Interior rendering of kitchen in Enscape

We leveled up on all Mac fronts this year 📈. New features and functionality were released for SketchUp, plus support was added for Archicad, Vectorworks, and Rhino!

7. 50+ Unique People Assets Added to Enscape 

Enscape 3D scanned people assets

We initially added 50+ exclusive people assets to the Enscape Library, and since then, we have added even more. But these aren’t just any kind of assets. They are real 3D-scanned people! Get ready to infuse your designs with these almost-tangible assets 🌟

6. New Advances in Global Illumination: Rendering Quality Leaps Ahead with Enscape 3.5

Exterior daytime rendering of large residential property

Enjoy the biggest leap in rendering quality since the introduction of path tracing in Enscape 2.0. With new advances in global illumination, designers can see improved reflections and increased accuracy of indirect light in their renderings.💡 

5. Enscape for Revit 2024 

External rendering of a school with someone walking by with a bike

Enscape 3.5 and above supports the newest version of Revit. Enjoy the new adjustable asset series, see more realistic mirror reflections and indirect lighting, and experience an improvement to orthographic views in Revit.

Check out this article by Revit expert Dan Stine on the new features that are of particular interest to Enscape users.

4. How to Use VR in Enscape for Project Presentations

Virtual reality with Enscape

Dan Stine of Lake|Flato walks us through how their architectural firm harnesses the power of virtual reality. Discover the must-know details when it comes to delivering a successful VR experience for your staff, clients, or key stakeholders.

3. Enscape 3.5: See What’s New in the Latest Version

Exterior rendering of residential property in autumn

Get ready to see your designs in a new light with Enscape 3.5. This update introduces customizable assets, improved indirect lighting and reflections, new people assets, and more. 

2. Enscape for SketchUp 2023 

Interior redering of living room

Enscape for SketchUp 2023 makes it into our top two blog posts of 2023, with over 20,000 views. We quickly ensured compatibility with the newest version of SketchUp this year. Available on both Windows and Mac. 

1. Free 3D Textures: 14 Websites to Download High-Quality Textures

Bathroom rendered in Enscape with large window

And now, drumroll please, for our most viewed blog post of 2023 with over 70,000 page views so farFree 3D Textures: 14 Websites to Download High-Quality Textures.

This blog post is a goldmine for designers, providing 14 websites where you can find and download high-quality textures. Great-looking textures are crucial to realistic-looking renders, so it's no wonder this resource has captured the top blog spot of 2023 🏆.

BONUS: The Future of Architectural Visualization Report

What is the future of architectural visualization

This one technically isn't a blog post (although we did summarize it here), but it certainly deserves its own special mention. This report summarizes the findings of an industry survey of +2,000 designers on the topic of the future of architectural visualization. The survey was conducted by Chaos and Architizer in the summer of 2023.

The report shares key findings from the survey, focusing on the current and planned usage of real-time rendering tools in design firms worldwide, plus insights on the usage of AI. Check it out!

Get the full report


Thanks for stopping by and checking out our top 10 posts of 2023! We hope you found something useful here. 

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See you next year! 👋

NEW: The State of AI in Architecture
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