Enscape interior rendering of balcony and ceiling lights from low angle
Andreea Lipan

Andreea Lipan

Last updated: July 16, 2024  •  2 min read

Revolutionizing Real-Time Rendering with NVIDIA Denoisers and Enscape

Clarity and quality are paramount in visual representation and simulation. With the release of version 4.0, Enscape has significantly enhanced its performance and rendering quality by integrating cutting-edge technology, NVIDIA real-time denoisers (NRD).

This article will explore the evolution of this integration, focusing on the impact these technologies have on architects' and designers' workflows, the visual fidelity of their creations, and how the promise of unprecedented level of detail can bring projects to life with stunning realism.

A historical leap in rendering technology

The start of this transformational change was in 2021, with the first implementation of NVIDIA's ReBLUR denoiser in Enscape. Designed to offer realistic lighting with optimal temporal stability during walkthroughs and resting mode, ReBLUR set the stage for performance gains. This denoiser became key for viewing dynamic visuals in real time. It gave a glimpse into the future of architectural visualization with Enscape.

Advancing into 2022 with sun shadow innovations

With the adoption of NVIDIA's SIGMA denoiser in 2022 to accompany the launch of RTX sun shadows, Enscape ensured that sunshine within virtual environments was cast with a more natural and smoother gradient, emulating physical world interactions more precisely.

SIGMA's spatial filtering capabilities contributed to a significant reduction in noise for sun-shadow rendering, a challenge notoriously difficult to overcome in digital graphics due to the complex interplay of light and shadow.

Enscape rendering of bathroom corner with blinds reflected on bathtub

The next quantum jump: Enscape 4.0 and the future of capture exports

The real game-changer came with the new release of Enscape 4.0, which officially introduced NVIDIA’s latest ReLAX denoiser for professional-grade capture exports. ReLAX functions with the results of ray-traced global illumination techniques. It captures the subtle light that plays in indoor spaces and ensures every detail shines with sharpness and less noise.

This technology helps scenes that need high precision or contain high-gloss or metallic finishes. It improves the viewer's experience by boosting quality and realism.

Enscape interior rendering of railing and windows from a low angle shotDenoiser ON

Enscape interior rendering without denoiser of railing and windows from a low angle shotDenoiser OFF

Before version 4.0, Enscape's virtual reality (VR) capability used an internal filter. Since updating to the ReBLUR denoiser in VR environments, the results have been notable, especially since noise can diminish immersive experiences.

Users can expect a smoother, noise-free experience across various exported media formats, including still images, mono and stereo panoramas, videos, and VR, setting a new standard in real-time architectural rendering.


Enscape rendering with general settings UI

❗If you are using the Enscape 4.0 version, you will find the option to enable 'NVIDIA Global Illumination Denoiser' in the General Settings Window. With Enscape 4.1, the Enscape renderer will always use NVIDIA Global Illumination Denoiser; therefore, the option will be removed from the UI and enabled automatically, starting with Enscape 4.1 preview 1.


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Enscape and NVIDIA's collaboration is about more than technical advancement achievements—it's a shared vision to empower creators with tools that bridge the gap between virtual and real.

The strategic implementation of NVIDIA’s ReBLUR, SIGMA, and ReLAX denoisers over consecutive releases showcases Enscape's dedication to offering forward-thinking solutions for architects and design professionals.

By pushing the boundaries of real-time rendering performance and visual fidelity, Enscape 4.0 and NVIDIA denoisers herald a new era for architectural visualization, one where digital innovation mirrors the complexity and beauty of the physical world.

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Andreea Lipan
Andreea Lipan

Andreea is the Enscape Product Marketing Manager, who focuses on tailoring the right narrative for Enscape functionalities and analyzing customer insights and workflows. With a background in architecture and interior design, her journey into the AEC industry as a university teaching assistant, architect, project coordinator, and freelance visualizer has been rewarding. It was through the process of discovering her passions, especially for VR, real-time rendering technologies, and exploring design challenges, that led her to Chaos to support creating user-friendly features for fellow architects and designers!