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Kalina Prelikj

Kalina Prelikj

Published: April 04, 2024  •  7 min read

Rendering in Interior Design with Enscape

Gone are the days when interior designers relied solely on sketches and 2D drawings to convey their visions. Today, 3D rendering in interior design has become a cornerstone of the industry, marking a significant shift from these traditional methods. Here's a guide on getting started in rendering with Enscape.

Why 3D visualizations matter for interior design

3D visualizations offer a superior way to explore interior design concepts, allowing both designers and clients to understand and experience spaces before they are built.

Clients no longer have to rely on imagination alone to see their future spaces. With 3D visualizations, they can walk through their future home or office, experiencing the design's impact on a visceral level. This not only leads to higher satisfaction but also streamlines the design process, making it more efficient and effective for everyone involved.

This shift in the industry is not just about adopting new technology—it's about fundamentally changing how designers communicate with clients, collaborators, and stakeholders. That being said, adopting new technology does play a huge part in it.

Thanks to the latest advancements, 3D visualizations have become more accessible and even integral to the design process. As a result, there is a demand for tools that not only have powerful rendering capabilities but are also user-friendly. And that’s where Enscape comes in.

An innovative digital tool for interior designers

If you are an interior designer looking to develop presentations, then Enscape might be a game changer for you. The real-time rendering plug-in is designed to integrate with popular architectural design and BIM software such as SketchUp, Revit, Archicad, Rhino, or Vectorworks. This means that your 3D model can be easily transformed into realistic interior rendering.


Enscape_Vectorworks_05 - Medium


Some ways Enscape can improve your interior design workflow include:

  • Ease of use: Its user-friendly, intuitive interface makes Enscape a perfect fit for both beginners and seasoned interior designers. The learning curve is more like a gentle slope, making it highly accessible.
  • Fast rendering times: With Enscape, long waits for renders to complete are a thing of the past. You will get crisp, clear 3D visualizations in mere moments.
  • Simultaneous design and visualization: Enscape empowers designers to tweak their 3D models and see the changes in real time. There's no need to pause or restart your workflow.
  • Great communication tool: Enscape simplifies the process of showing over telling, making discussions with clients and teams more effective.
  • Bringing ideas to life from concept to completion: From mood boards to final designs, Enscape supports the creative process right from the start. With its extensive library of assets and materials, designers can easily create mood boards to nail down the look and feel of a space. As the design evolves, Enscape ensures to showcase the final results with precision and clarity, making them pop off the screen with vivid detail.

All in all, Enscape not only simplifies the process of creating detailed visualizations but also speeds it up significantly, freeing you to focus more on your creative process and less on the technicalities.

Benefits of interior design rendering

Aside from improving your workflow, there are many benefits to choosing Enscape as a go-to rendering tool. With Enscape, you can easily:

  • Win over clients: Enscape’s lifelike visualizations provide a clear picture of the final space, building trust between you and the client and helping them make decisions faster.
  • Stay ahead in the game: You can stand out in a crowded market with Enscape’s stunning visuals and VR experiences, which are great for attracting new clients.
  • Boost your project management: With features that allow for quick changes and real-time feedback, Enscape can help you manage your projects more efficiently. This is often good news for staying on track and on budget, since less time may be spent on solving possible misunderstandings and doing extra revisions.

A closer look at Enscape's features for interior design

So, you've seen a glimpse of what Enscape can do for interior design. Now, let's dive a bit deeper into the specific features that make it such a compelling choice for interior design professionals.

Material library and material editor

Picture this—you're in your go-to CAD software and with just a couple of clicks, you have access to a wide array of textures and finishes. From the cozy feel of fabrics to the cool touch of metals, these ready-to-use PBR materials from Enscape’s Material Library are there to help you add depth and realism to your designs.

Another great asset is that you can use custom materials to match your project's unique aesthetic. Adjust their look, feel, and the way light bounces off them until everything is just perfect.

And for those who work in a team, Enscape lets you pick a common spot to store all these materials, keeping everyone on the same page and your designs consistent through projects.


Enscape-For-Mac-Rhino-UI-MaterialLibrary - MediumEnscape Material Library

Asset library

Similarly to the Material Library, Enscape's Asset Library offers a rich collection of 3D models and objects for interiors. From the perfect pieces of furniture that define a room's character to the plants that add a touch of nature, these assets will help you bring your spaces to life.

What sets the Asset Library apart is the ability to fine-tune some of the objects. Need to adjust the color of that chair or change the material of a lamp to better suit your design theme? Enscape's adjustable assets are here to help.

And just like with the Material Library, the Asset Library allows you and your team to share and access these objects easily, maintaining consistency across your projects and ensuring that every design element works well together.



Lighting and atmosphere

Every good interior designer knows that lighting can make or break your design. And this is when Enscape shines (pun very much intended).

Incorporate lighting with just a few clicks—you can simulate the exact conditions and create realistic lighting, from the soft morning light through windows to the specific glow of artificial lights at night. Import IES files to accurately replicate real-world lighting fixtures, adding depth and authenticity to your designs.

Enscape also lets you set the right ambiance with environmental adjustments like cloud density and fog settings, helping you create a mood for your spaces. This doesn’t only improve the visual appeal of the visualizations but also helps bring the emotional context behind your designs to life. 

Camera settings

Enscape's camera settings offer interior designers the ability to capture their projects with the finesse of professional photography. Imagine having the power to shape how viewers experience your interior design, from the grandeur of a lobby to the intimate ambiance of a living space.

With Enscape, you can adjust the Field of View to mimic the perspective of a photographer's lens, bringing a natural balance to your images without the distortion often seen in architectural renderings. Depth of Field and Focus settings allow you to direct the viewer's attention precisely where you want it, whether highlighting the intricate details of a design element or setting a specific area aglow. And with Auto Exposure at your fingertips, you can ensure that every rendering accurately reflects the intended atmosphere of your design, regardless of the lighting conditions.

For those challenging interior shots where space feels cramped, Enscape offers a Two-Point Perspective setting, straightening out those pesky vertical lines to give a more realistic representation of the space. It's like having a full photography studio's capabilities within your design software, allowing you to present your vision in the best possible light, literally. 


Open kitchen still image – Poor example

Open kitchen still image courtesy of Dan Stine

Open kitchen still image – Good example

Same image with the Field of View and vantage point changed + Depth of Field adjusted

Rendering styles

Enscape brings a variety of rendering styles to the table, giving interior designers the creative freedom to showcase their projects in multiple lights. Available styles include:

  • White Mode: Transforms your project into a sleek, monochrome model, emphasizing form and space;
  • Polystyrene Mode: Gives your design the look of being crafted from polystyrene, highlighting the play of light and shadow;
  • Outlines: Draws attention to the edges and contours of your design, adding depth and definition;
  • Light View Mode: Visualizes the distribution of light within your space, offering insights into the lighting design.

Each style supports different stages of the design and presentation process, allowing you to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders, ensuring that your vision for the space is clearly understood and appreciated.


P2_02_Interior_04 - MediumEnscape White Mode

Export options

Enscape offers a versatile range of export options that cater to every phase of your project presentation, from simple snapshots to immersive virtual reality experiences. Depending on whether you're looking to share a quick update with a client or deliver a comprehensive interactive walkthrough, you can choose from the following export options.

  • Screenshot: Quickly capture detailed images from your project in various formats for easy sharing;
  • Batch rendering: Render several views simultaneously for consistent visuals across your project;
  • Mono and stereo panoramas: Offer immersive 360-degree experiences, with stereo panoramas adding a VR-ready depth;
  • EXE Standalone: Create self-running project presentations that anyone can explore without needing additional software;
  • Web Standalone: Share your projects online through a simple link for easy access anywhere, anytime;
  • Enable VR: Step into your designs with VR support for an immersive walkthrough experience;
  • Export video: Bring your project to life with engaging video walkthroughs;
  • Render image (Into Document for Revit): A Revit-specific feature that places renders directly into project files.


Enscape-For-Mac-Rhino-UI-BatchRendering - Medium

Enscape batch rendering

Try Enscape for your interior project today

After exploring all the outlined benefits and features, it's safe to suggest that Enscape would be an indispensable tool for interior designers who want real-time rendering software. From its easy-to-use interface to its integration options and valuable features, it can help you present your interior design project in the best possible light.


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