Examples of new furniture assets including chairs and tables
Dinnie Muslihat

Dinnie Muslihat

Published: July 12, 2023  •  2 min read

New Furniture Assets Released: 180+ Render-Ready Models Now Available

We're happy to announce that a fresh batch of assets has just dropped for Windows OS. With a furniture theme this month, you'll find assets such as chairs, beds, tables, cabinets, and more! Sounds sofa-bulous, right? 🛋️



More unique assets and materials added, too!

Over 180 new assets have been added to the existing collection, and furniture assets aren't the only standouts. Like the last package released, new 3D-scanned people and adjustable assets have been added as well.

Highlights include:

  • 161 adjustable assets
  • 22 3D-scanned people
  • People asset variations with and without glasses
  • Furniture assets with new color and material change options
  • Furniture assets with variations
  • More assets related to last month’s educational-themed asset package
  • 16 new wooden materials to the Enscape Material Library

If you’re already using Enscape 3.5, you don’t have to do anything to access the new assets, as they are automatically added to the Enscape Asset Library.

Please note: If you are using the offline asset library, you need to download the new assets by unticking and ticking the checkbox.

Collection of render-ready furniture assets

Bring designs to life with Enscape 3.5

The latest update for the Windows operating system was released last month. With it came new features and improvements to existing functionalities. Here's an overview:

  • Over 1,000 adjustable assets: A selection of assets with variants and assets that allow color and material customization
  • Render quality improvements thanks to advances in global illumination
  • Improved mirror reflections: Shading quality improvements for mirror reflections
  • Improved indirect lighting: Quality of lighting improvements for interior scenes
  • People asset package: 93 unique people added
  • Alpha channel export update: Semi-transparent materials included with alpha channel exports
  • Orthographic view update for Revit: Same views in both Enscape and Revit
  • Certified SpaceMouse support: Customize mouse controls through shortcut buttons
  • Layer assignment of assets in Rhino: Place assets on a selected layer
  • Account access: User area added to the Enscape toolbar for faster access to panorama galleries and uploads
  • Revit 2024: Support for the latest version of Revit
Orange armchair Dining table and chairs pendant light Yellow sofa People talking to each other next to large window Green armchair

Liven up design scenes with the new assets

Remember, you need to upgrade to Enscape 3.5 in order to enjoy the new assets. Enscape users who haven't already done so can do it now. The upgrade is free!

Upgrade to Enscape 3.5


If you haven't tried Enscape yet, we offer a free 14-day trial. Sign up today so you can see how easy and fast it can be to create beautiful renderings.

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Dinnie Muslihat
Dinnie Muslihat

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Orange armchair

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Dining table and chairs pendant light

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Yellow sofa

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People talking to each other next to large window

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Green armchair

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