On-Demand Webinar: Introducing Enscape 3.1

On July 21, 2021, we launched Enscape version 3.1 - another exciting update with new features including a new Material Library, an updated Material Editor, a Revit Material Editor, Simplified Assets, a Panorama Gallery, plus support for NVIDIA DLSS and ray-traced sun shadows.

In case you missed our new release webinar, you can now watch it on-demand. See the new Enscape 3.1 features in action, and learn how to use them!

00:00 - Welcome & Agenda
01:10 - Introduction by VP, Visualization Product Group, Petr Mitev
08:17 - Enscape 3.1 Release Video
10:20 - Interview With Enscape 3D Artist, Samir Mujovi
15:32 - Enscape Material Library
22:40 - Enscape Material Editor
24:09 - Revit Material Editor
30:13 - Simplified Assets
32:30 - Panorama Gallery
38:30 - Ray-Traced Sun Shadows
41:30 - Support for NVIDIA DLSS


If you're an existing user, you can download Enscape version 3.1 here.

Not yet using Enscape? If you'd like to see how real-time rendering and visualization in Enscape can help you to test design ideas from within your modeling tool, easily communicate them with your clients, and simply create a wide range of creative assets, we invite you to take out a 14-day trial!

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