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Gemma Da Silva

Gemma Da Silva

Last updated: January 20, 2022  •  3 min read

Extraordinary 3D Visualizations Created by the Enscape Community

If you are looking for design inspiration and want to know exactly what is possible when it comes to creating 3D visualizations of your models, then look no further. In this article, we celebrate the beautiful Enscape renderings that our users have created this year.

Every week, the community submit their best renderings to the Enscape Forum. Our users then vote on the image they think should be crowned ‘Picture of the Week’. The winning render is celebrated and shared on our social media channels for the world to see and enjoy 😍. In this post, you can see a collection of these beautiful renders.

It’s inspiring to see the vast range of visualizations that our community produces with the help of Enscape. Everything imaginable can be visualized and brought to life with life-like assets, materials, lighting, and shadows.

One thing that our users love is the simplicity of the Enscape real-time visualization tool. As the only renderer that plugs directly into your modeling software tool, 3D visualizations are only a click away. You can turn your model into a realistic visualization in seconds – whether that’s through still renders, panoramas, animations, standalone files, or even virtual reality.

To help add context and depth to these renders, you’ll see that assets are frequently used to decorate a scene. Enscape has its own Asset and Material Library filled with high-quality and ready-to-use objects and PBR materials. Lighting is also often used and adapted depending on the intended look for a particular visualization.

Whilst it’s possible to create a great-looking 3D visualization directly from Enscape, sometimes our users like to enhance their renders by making small changes to certain settings or by using specific design techniques. Here is a selection of articles that you may wish to review if you are looking for a particular result. You can also find a number of video tutorials listed on our YouTube channel.

Thanks to everyone who showcased their renderings in the Forum this past year. And a big congratulations to those who won the Picture of the Week title during 2021. Great job, everyone, and we can’t wait to see what you produce in 2022!

Inspirational 3D visualizations rendered in Enscape

Container Homes Render

Container Homes 2-ZdesignStudio-Ens 3.1 by QuangVinh-Zin


Kids Bedroom Render

Enscape’s Latest version | Kidroom 04 by vivi


HOLIDAY HOME 02_forum_autoscaled



Modern Living Room Render

Minh Anh Apartment by QuangVinh-Zin


Restaurant Scene copy-1Competition in Lund, Sweden by Herbo


External Garden and House SceneTownhouses by ENSCAPE DATHOUZZ





Very Modern Living Room Soft Lighting



Garubba Residence - Main Perspective compressed 2_autoscaled

Summit View Home by Steven Garubba


Modern Kitchen Rendered Image

Render kitchen with enscape 3.1 by chuchuynh


Modern InteriorBB HomeStay-Enscape 3.1-Likeit by QuangVinh-Zin


External Modern Night Render

Love Container Homes-ZdesignStudio-Enscape 3.1 by QuangVinh-Zin


Beautiful Interior Rendering copy

Práctica de render interior by joelg


Modern Interior Render

Interior Design (Living Room) by Damifaj


Soft Lighting Interior Render

Minimalist space without main light by Finn


Modern Yellow Interior Render Design

Estilo escandinavo by joelg


Childrens Bedroom Interior Design



Modern Bedroom Interior Design



Modern Living Area

> _ < by Kivi


Very Modern Kitchen Render copy

Kitchen Design by joelg


Enscape orthographic projection Rendering

3D Floor Plan Rendering by MTH


Court of Justice Exterior Render

Hasselt Court of Justice Concept with Enscape 3.1 p2 by QuangVinh-Zin


Apartment Modern Render copy



Townhouse Renders



Pool and House Render

ToVanDung House by Pablo Correa


Comfy Chair Render

Mole Armchair by Pis3DStudio


Bright Hospitality Render

SHIZI personal works Contemporary Chinese style hotel by SHIZI


Master Bathroom Render

Bathroom Design And Render Enscape 2.9 by iamsitthisak


Bamboo Living Room

My work Ditia Living Room -Enscape VNzin by QuangVinh-Zin


Sitting Area Render

Scandinavian Interior by mm3d.arsitektur


Sofa Interior Render

High Ceiling Apartment by Pis3DStudio


Apartment Render

HDD STUDIO┃Modern minimalist restaurant with no main lights by Finn


Balcony Render

Gourmet Balcony by Pis3DStudio


Interior Living Room Render

Modern living room by joelg

For more inspirational renders from the Enscape community, check out the beautiful images here:

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Gemma Da Silva

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