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Gemma Da Silva

Gemma Da Silva

Last updated: November 03, 2021  •  1 min read

Enscape for TestFit: Visualizing Site Plans Just Got Easier

During ENVISION 21, our virtual user event held in September 2021, we shared our vision of making design technology even more accessible to AEC professionals through new SDK partnerships. We announced that by working with selected technology partners, our real-time rendering engine will be incorporated into specific products to help users better design, visualize, and deliver the built environment.

We are therefore excited to reveal that our first SDK integration is complete today, October 21, 2021! Enscape for TestFit is now available and will make the initial phases of property planning far more efficient and visual for TestFit users and their project stakeholders.

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TestFit’s building configuration technology helps architects, developers, urban planners, and other AEC professionals to quickly configure, evaluate, and present site plan options. Now with Enscape’s real-time rendering technology incorporated into the tool, TestFit users will be able to simplify their workflows and clearly communicate design options to stakeholders and clients.

The ability to leverage Enscape’s technology is going to bring significant value to TestFit’s users during site planning. Oftentimes, the first step users take after TestFit is to get a building into Enscape. This significantly shortens this route, and indeed the route of further iterations, by giving users instant building design and quantities, with stakeholder renderings – all within one application.

Clifton Harness, CEO at TestFit

Learn more about the integration

On Wednesday, October 27, we hosted a webinar where we went into further details about the new SDK integration with TestFit (see recording below). 

In this webinar, we introduced both Enscape and TestFit, and showed how when combined, they can help architects and property developers better plan and visualize their projects during the feasibility phase and beyond.


  • Petr Mitev, VP, Visualization Product Group, Enscape
  • Kaj Burival, Application Engineer, Enscape
  • Clifton Harness, CEO, TestFit

Watch on-demand now!

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Gemma Da Silva
Gemma Da Silva

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