Enscape and V-Ray renders side by side
Gemma Da Silva

Gemma Da Silva

Published: February 08, 2023  •  1 min read

Real-Time to Photoreal with Enscape and V-Ray in Revit

Enscape and V-Ray are two industry-leading rendering softwares. They are used by architects and designers to test and visualize ideas during design development and create strikingly realistic renderings for final presentations.

In a recent webinar, we demonstrated the power of using both Enscape and V-Ray when developing architectural projects in Revit. Since it's now possible to transfer Enscape data to V-Ray via a new bridge that has been introduced between the two rendering tools, we wanted to show users exactly how this can be done.

With the new compatibility between Enscape and V-Ray, you can bring Enscape materials, 3D assets, and cloud configurations straight into V-Ray so that you can continue working on your renders and enhance their visual quality.

Learn how to utilize both Enscape and V-Ray and see the type of outputs you can expect in the on-demand webinar below. Here are the timestamps for the recording so you can quickly jump to the most relevant sections.

  • What is the Enscape and V-Ray Bridge? (1:23)
  • Design iteration with Enscape in Revit (2:14)
  • How to transfer Enscape data to V-Ray (24:21)
  • Achieving realistic grass in V-Ray (32:48)
  • Creating a quick night rendering in V-Ray (37:55)
  • Light mix and compositing in V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB) (45:44)


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Gemma Da Silva
Gemma Da Silva

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