Discover Enscape for TestFit: Real-Time Data Meets Real-Time Visualization

Discover Enscape for TestFit: Real-Time Data Meets Real-Time Visualization

Come and learn about the new Enscape for TestFit SDK integration. We’re excited to introduce the real-time decision-making data of TestFit to the real-time visualization of Enscape.

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through both tools and show you how when combined, they can help architects and property developers better plan and visualize their projects during the feasibility phase and beyond.

We will cover:

  • A short introduction of both companies
  • Creating a main plan in TestFit
  • Visualizing live changes in Enscape directly from the TestFit interface
  • Parametric and algorithmic asset allocation
  • Exploring site context around your chosen site
  • Improving upon existing lighting tools with complex inputs of clouds, weather, time of day, and shadow studies. 

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What to Expect

Discover Enscape

Learn how Enscape enables you to visualize design ideas

Discover TestFit

See how TestFit can assist you with feasibility studies

New Integration

Learn all about the new SDK integration between TestFit and Enscape
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Webinar Speakers

Petr Mitev Headshot_blackandwhite

Petr Mitev

VP, Visualization Product Group

Enscape provides high-quality real-time rendering, visualization, and virtual reality software to architects, engineers, and construction (AEC) professionals, helping them design and visualize the built environment. 

Clifton Harness

Clifton Harness

Chief Executive Officer

TestFit’s algorithms and co-creation tools help architects, real estate developers, urban planners and more solve site plans in seconds. TestFit is The Ultimate Building Configurator.  

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