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The Positive Impact of Real-Time Visualization at M Moser Associates

M Moser Associates is a leading global workplace design and delivery company founded in 1981 in Hong Kong by California-native Moira Moser. It now has 25 offices worldwide with over 1,150 employees, including architects, interior designers, engineers, and other professionals from various disciplines. Together, they collaborate to provide integrated spatial strategies and innovative solutions for their clients. 

Jason Li, a Senior Associate, DIST, and Lucas Wu, an Associate, DIST, at M Moser APAC, share how Enscape has been an integral part of communicating with clients and enhancing daily design work.

Creating a hands-on workflow with SketchUp

As fans of hardware who enjoyed experimenting with different rendering tools, Jason and Lucas discovered Enscape in 2019 when searching for SketchUp rendering plugins.  

The team developed SketchUp plugins for Enscape on quick material and asset management to make Enscape even easier for the designers to use. It made the workflow more hands-on.

Rendering of interior kitchen space commercial

By: M Moser Associates

Strengthening the company's model-based workflow with Enscape

One of M Moser’s strengths is utilizing IPD (integrated project delivery) to deliver projects. This method involves using the model from the preliminary design stage to carry out the spatial projection and site simulation, from floor plans for 3D visualization to construction collision detection. 

“It is all based on the same model,” explains Jason. “Before construction starts, the entire space is replicated with as much detail as possible to avoid unnecessary costs and delays.”  

Using Enscape in their workflow has proved to be a time saver. 

“Having the visualization based on the design model means the textures are always synchronized in both directions. The final textures are always correct whether they’re modified in SketchUp or from Enscape materials. This way of working is excellent for our company’s model-based workflow. It helps avoid any information gap that may arise when collaborating with other colleagues further along the process,” details Jason. 

Modern office kitchen and meeting area

By: M Moser Associates

Enhancing client communication with real-time rendering

Lucas expresses how costly and time-consuming situations would be before adopting real-time rendering in their daily design work. Renderings and floor plans were used to communicate amongst stakeholders, and designers would produce as many renderings as possible to avoid misunderstandings in the design communication. 

 Floors in modern office building

By: M Moser Associates

Using a real-time visualization tool helps to iterate quickly and prevent misunderstandings.

“We now communicate solutions with renderings, animations, panoramas, and VR roaming files. These help our clients to have a clearer understanding and a more synchronized view of their space before construction begins,” explains Lucas. 

 Modern office reception aread

By: M Moser Associates

Impacting the daily design workflow for the better

Jason and Lucas advise how Enscape has positively impacted the daily design workflow thanks to its amazing rendering speed and quality. It has also made immersive experiences for projects possible, which helps them stand out from competitors. 

“Having Enscape has greatly improved the efficiency in our design workflow. It has saved us a lot of rendering time in our daily work and allowed us to present more expressively and compellingly. To sum it up, it has streamlined cooperation internally and communication externally.” 

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Building rendered with Enscape 3.2

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