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Dinnie Muslihat

Dinnie Muslihat

Published: February 06, 2024  •  1 min read

Chaos Unboxed: Find Out What We've Got Planned For 2024

What can you expect from Chaos in 2024?

We have so much cool stuff that we couldn’t possibly announce it all at once, so we’re launching Chaos Unboxed, a series of in-person and online keynotes where you’ll find out about our freshest and most exciting innovations. Whether you’re an established architect, a visionary archviz artist, a VFX whizz, or a meticulous designer, we’ll have something for you.

We’ve scheduled the first keynote for February 27 at 11 A.M. EST. Be sure to sign up for reminders so you never miss our exciting announcements. 


Let's go!

PS: The first event is just the start of the Chaos Unboxed experience. You’ll learn more about what’s coming up during the live keynote.

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Dinnie Muslihat
Dinnie Muslihat

Dinnie is part of the Content team at Chaos and manages the Enscape blog. She enjoys sharing informative, insightful, and inspirational content for architects and designers to empower their visualization workflows. If you have an excellent idea for a blog post, get in touch via