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Helen Reinold

Helen Reinold

Last updated: September 29, 2021  •  6 min read

Best Practices: How to use Web Standalone Export for Presentations

You already know and love the executable standalone; it allows you to package your Enscape model and share it easily. But it requires a certain level of hardware, and your client might not have the powerful graphics card required. With the web standalone, this is no longer an issue!

Enscape’s web standalone removes the requirement for high-end graphics cards, as the standalone is rendered in a web browser. All you need in order for it to run is an internet connection, making it an easy way to share your design presentation with others. Just like with the executable standalone, it only takes two clicks to export your project. The uploaded standalone can be accessed instantly via a web link. Send your model to clients instantly, or export web standalones to use during client presentations, even if they do not have a high-end graphics card: the possibilities are endless!

Why a Web Standalone?

You might be wondering what the actual benefits of the web standalone are, and when it might be beneficial to use it versus our executable standalone. In this case, it comes down to what your goals are. Both the web standalone and the executable standalone offer a 3D walkthrough of your rendered Enscape project. But the web standalone is, in some cases, easier to share.

The great benefit of the web standalone is that it removes the previously required high-end graphics card. You might have top-of-the-line hardware, but your client possibly does not. If they have a standard laptop, they might not meet the system requirements needed to run the executable standalone. However, the web standalone can be run on any computer with a WebGL2 compatible browser. All you need is an internet connection. You can send it to anyone and they can immediately open it.

Along these same lines, the web standalone is great when you want to quickly send your client an updated model for approval. You don’t have to worry about how to get the file to them; simply email the client the web link, and they can view the standalone immediately. Not only does this save you time, it might help you and your client catch some errors before they happen.

The web standalone is also perfectly suited for design presentations. Your office computer is probably able to run Enscape with no further issues, but the laptop you take on the road might not meet our system requirements. In this case, the web standalone makes it easy to still dazzle during a client presentation, as all you need to run them is an internet connection. Take your hard work with you and convince the client of your vision.

Render of Modern House
Sample Project Residence (Revit)

Fly Mode Exterior Render EnscapeSample Project Villa Hanoi (SketchUp)

Export and Manage Your Web Standalone

Exporting the web standalone is the same process as exporting the executable standalone, with the added bonus that you can manage your web exports directly in Enscape. Enscape needs to be running to export the standalone, so first click the start button. Then, simply click the Export Web Standalone button.

Export the web standalone with two clicksExport the web standalone with two clicks

Once the upload is complete, your default browser will open the standalone. The view you had active prior to export will define the start position when you open the web standalone. The settings you had active prior to exporting will be included in the standalone. It is not possible to change settings in the web standalone, beyond adjusting the time of day.

You can manage your uploaded standalones in the Manage Uploads window. Click the My Uploads button in the Enscape ribbon to open the window. Here you will find not only your created panoramas, but also any web standalones you have uploaded.

The My Uploads button in the Enscape ribbon

The My Uploads button in the Enscape ribbon

Uploaded standalones can be managed easilyUploaded standalones can be managed easily

Clicking on any web standalone automatically opens it in your default browser. You can also delete any standalones you have created by hovering your mouse over the title and clicking the red X.

When you open the web standalone initially, you will see a loading screen featuring the Enscape logo.

The web standalone loading screenThe web standalone loading screen

The web standalone is a streamlined version of our executable standalone. The navigation controls are the same ones you are familiar with from Enscape. They are detailed in an instructions panel that appears automatically when you open the standalone. You can hide the panel simply by using the H key on your keyboard.

The web standalone has the same controls as Enscape itself

The web standalone has the same controls as Enscape itself

The web standalone can only run if the browser you are using is WebGL 2 compatible. As such, the web standalone will not be able to run in Internet Explorer or Edge; we recommend using Chrome or Firefox. Currently, you cannot adjust settings or export favorite views with your web standalone, but these are features we hope to include in the future.


You work hard on your models, and you want to be able to quickly send them to clients for approval. You want to be able to show your model off during a client presentation, but don’t have a laptop with a high-end graphics card. The web standalone solves these problems in two clicks.

It couldn’t be easier to export your model, which is immediately uploaded and available via a web link. You can send your model in seconds, and don’t have to worry whether your client can view it and whether they have the right hardware. Take your model with you to client presentations and for on-site reviews. It’s not just about convenience. The web standalone can of course help you save time, but it also allows you to catch errors and avoid potential extra expenditure. Straightforward and user-friendly, the web standalone will change the way you share your projects!

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Helen Reinold
Helen Reinold

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