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Gemma Da Silva

Gemma Da Silva

Last updated: January 03, 2024  •  4 min read

Architectural Visualization Tutorials to Improve Your Skills

Rendering in Enscape is incredibly easy, and with one click of a button, you can explore your design as a fully rendered model in just a few seconds! But there are a few tips and tricks worth knowing so you can get the most out of Enscape’s real-time rendering and virtual reality software and to help you achieve better quality architectural visualizations

This post features easy-to-follow video tutorials from a number of rendering experts. They will show you how to speed up design and visualization, improve communication with clients and stakeholders, enhance your modeling technique, and boost your entire design process. 

So, without any further ado, here are a handful of architectural visualization tutorials from our Customer Success team and the Enscape community to help you get started. Be sure to check out the Enscape YouTube channel for more! 🎥

Architectural visualization tutorials for beginners

In these tutorials, Kaj Burival from our Customer Success team explains how to get started with Enscape for Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Archicad, and Vectorworks on both Windows and Enscape for Mac.

Learn the software basics, including how to install Enscape and the specifications required, how to render images and video, how to navigate your model in walk and fly mode, how to synchronize your views, change materials, add notes plus how to access and use the built-in virtual reality tool and so much more. You'll develop your modeling and rendering skills in no time!

How to get started with Enscape (Revit)

Enscape for SketchUp (Windows)

Enscape for SketchUp (Mac)

Enscape for Rhino

Enscape for Archicad (Windows)

Enscape for Archicad (Mac)

Enscape for Vectorworks (Windows)

Enscape for Vectorworks (Mac)

Rendering tutorials from the Enscape community

Here, you will find tutorials from the wider Enscape community, which includes architects, designers, and 3D artists of various levels of expertise, showing you how to use specific Enscape features to help you create and optimize your rendered scenes.

They cover lighting, assets, materials, video creation, and visualization workflow techniques.

Useful tutorials for lighting

Here is a collection of videos where Enscape enthusiasts share their ideas on improving lighting skills that can make your project stand out from the crowd💡.

Enscape soft directional lighting

Vlad Moldovan of Modulus Render talks you through creating soft directional lighting using SketchUp and Enscape. Using these few steps will help you achieve incredibly realistic results.

Enscape night rendering tips and tricks

Melos Azemi shares his helpful hints on night rendering in Enscape so you can provide a realistic portrayal of nighttime environments in your renders.

Lighting tutorial in an interior scene

Enscape-it! shares how they normally set up lighting in an interior scene, using just the sunlight. In this tutorial, two different simulations are created, and they share a trick used for creating an area light that can cast soft shadows from the openings of the scene.

How to create realistic lighting in SketchUp and Enscape

Melos Azemi walks through how to create realistic lighting with natural and artificial light in SketchUp and Enscape.

Video walkthrough and animation tutorials

Learn how to showcase your projects in motion with these video and animation tips. 🎬.

How to create rendered animations in the Enscape video editor

In this tutorial, Justin from The Rendering Essentials teaches you how to use Enscape's video editor contained inside Enscape 3.0 and above to create rendered animations from your models. 

Rendering animation tips and tricks

TN3D Studio's tutorial shows you how to animate with Enscape and SketchUp. They touch on the video editor interface, how to add keyframes, use depth of field, timestamp, camera movements, and more!

Texture mapping and material application tutorials

Architects, designers, and visualization experts within the Enscape community show how to refine 3D textures and materials to bring your renders closer to reality.

Realistic wood materials tips and tricks 

Minh from Architecture Inspirations demonstrates how to create realistic wood materials in Enscape by using the albedo, tint, and bump map settings. 

Rhino Enscape tutorial: Best practices with textures and materials 

How to Rhino explains how best to prepare your models, how to organize your layers, and how to apply materials within Enscape and Rhino. This video also dives into texture mapping and how to apply it to your entire model.  

Architectural visualization workflow techniques

The following tutorials focus on how to get the most out of your workflow by incorporating our real-time visualization software into your design process.

Real-time rendering with Vectorworks and Enscape 

In this tutorial, Jonathan Reeves walks through Enscape for Vectorworks on Mac, showing the benefits of having a rendering tool that plugs in directly and syncs with one of the most popular design tools.

6 tips to improve your Enscape workflow

Melos Azemi shares his ideas on how you can make your Enscape workflow even more efficient in this video. Melos goes through how to create views, presets, batch rendering, and more.

Using Enscape and V-Ray to create renders

Steven Rubio from Show It Better shares how he uses two Chaos tools, Enscape and V-Ray, in his workflow to create renders.

More learning resources

For more tutorials, go to the Enscape YouTube channel, where you will find additional videos on how to improve various aspects of your design process.

For helpful advice from your peers, visit the Enscape Community Forum, where architects, designers, and artists of various skills and expertise share their suggestions on how to enhance your renders and supercharge your workflow.

I’d also encourage you to visit our Knowledge Base whenever you have a question since it’s packed full of step-by-step articles that you can filter based on your CAD/BIM software of choice.

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Gemma Da Silva
Gemma Da Silva

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