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Ina Iontcheva

Ina Iontcheva

Published: June 03, 2024  •  2 min read

Building Together with Archicad and Real-Time Visualization Webinar Recap

Enscape recently participated in Graphisoft’s Building Together online event. Our Product Marketing Manager, Andreea Lipan, showcased the benefits of Enscape's integration with Archicad.

Andreea delved into real-time rendering and virtual reality experiences, bi-directional data exchange, material and asset customization, and streamlined client communication, which you can watch here:



This blog post highlights the key themes discussed in the webinar. You can also register to watch the entire event recording on-demand:


Watch on-demand

A single source of truth

Enscape’s seamless integration with Archicad allows designers to start rendering without any extensive training. Using the intuitive UI, they can achieve any look they desire. By simply pushing the Enscape button found in Archicad, users can get instant rendered views.

The bi-directional data exchange between Enscape and Archicad ensures that everything added to the scene is synced on both sides, maintaining one project as a single source of truth.

Material customization and asset library

Enscape offers designers the ability to replace Archicad's native materials with those available in Enscape and play around with various design options. Enscape’s Material Editor allows for fine-tuning materials by adjusting their color, roughness, reflection, metallic value, and transparency, resulting in unique textures that catch the eye.




Designers can also leverage Enscape’s extensive asset library, which includes over 4,000 render-ready assets and the ability to import custom assets.

Enhanced visualizations and client communication

To make renders stand out and bring compelling visual storytelling, Enscape offers designers over 1,000 vegetation assets and over 800 digital people. It is easy to adjust visual settings to achieve the desired look and feel and add final touches and emotions to any scene.

Enscape also facilitates clear communication through its collaborative annotation tool, enabling stakeholders to highlight issues directly within the rendering window and allowing for efficient problem-solving and faster approval processes.

360-degree panoramas for project exploration

Perceiving the true scale of a space is crucial for the realization of architectural projects. Enscape facilitates a better understanding of design intent through project exploration and allows for efficient client communication by sending stakeholders QR codes to access 360 panoramas, which can be updated as the design progresses. These QR codes can be placed on-site to facilitate construction coordination.



Step into the world of real-time rendering

Enscape 4.0 is a multi-platform solution that transcends platform boundaries. This means whether you're a Windows or macOS user, you can experience the same ease and speed of Enscape's real-time rendering plugin.

If you haven't already experienced the full range of features and the capabilities of an integrated design and visualization workflow firsthand, you can sign up for a free trial today.


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